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  • Management Should Be Asking Themselves These 6 Questions

    As a leading provider of professional services in NJ, Spectrum Staffing’s main goal is to help employers find the solutions that make their businesses run efficiently and contribute to their overall objectives. A company’s leadership can truly make or break its success, so it is crucial that all members of management take their roles seriously and strive for consistent improvement.

    Six Questions Managers Should be Asking Themselves


    Am I making the best use of my time?

    Being busy isn’t necessarily the same thing as being productive. Throughout your day, make it a point to check in with yourself and consider if you’re truly making the best use of your time. For example, have you been performing low-level tasks that you could delegate, rather than making progress on projects that contribute to income generation or building business?

    Do I know my employees’ perspectives?

    Since you can’t tweak your communication, motivation, or other performance-based strategies unless you understand where your employees are coming from, it’s crucial to ask yourself if you know your employees’ perspectives. If not, make it a priority to ask questions about their goals, personal motivators, challenges, etc, so you can develop techniques that work best for your team.

    What type of workplace culture do I cultivate?

    If you struggle with recruitment or high turnover, think about what type of workplace culture you cultivate. For example, do you lack flexibility or could your policies come across as “rules for the sake of rules”? It’s a tough area of self-assessment, but being objective can help you take steps to improve the culture and land (and keep) top talent.

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    Am I effectively coaching and developing my employees?

    When you hire employees, you generally want them to make a commitment to the organization and in turn, ideally, the organization reaps the benefits of their talent. However, the investment won’t necessarily pay off unless you are proactively investing in their professional growth. Ask yourself if you are effectively coaching and developing your employees – if their skill sets are remaining stagnant, consider options for professional development.

    Do I model a positive example?

    Your employees look to you for guidance on everything from professional norms to overall best practices. Take a hard look at yourself and think about if you feel you model a positive example. Would you want your team to handle stress, for example, in the way that you do? Self-improvement can help improve your leadership ability because your employees will be more inclined to do as you do, not just what you say.

    Am I accessible to receiving feedback?

    You may know that you’re willing to dive deep and ask yourself hard questions to improve as a manager, but does your team? Contemplate whether you come across as accessible to receiving feedback from your employees. Examples include a specific recurring meeting in which you request it or simply being responsive to emails or in-person feedback as it comes.

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