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  • Three Ways to Refocus Your Unmotivated Employees

    As a leading staffing agency in New Jersey, Spectrum Staffing helps employers hire workers to fill their available positions. Among the most sought-after traits, they desire in candidates is being highly self-motivated. Motivated employees tend to be more engaged and productive, so if that motivation starts to wane, it can have negative effects on business. Dealing with a current lack of drive for some of your workers?

    Three Ways to Refocus Your Unmotivated Employees

    Tap into Their Personal Motivators

    There are no “one-size-fits-all” factors that automatically contribute to motivation. What inspires some people won’t work for others. To help spark the motivation of your employees, you need to tap into their personal motivators. Talk to them and try to understand them better as individuals. Ask about the times in which they found their job most fulfilling, what incentives they find most appealing (such as money or increased flexibility), and just get to know them. As you learn about your employees, you’ll be in a better position to figure out what motivates them and include it in your strategy.

    Encourage Fun Activites

    It may sound counterproductive to encourage your unmotivated employees to take time away from their work and “slack off” but it can be very effective at helping them recharge and be more driven to take action. Whether it’s inviting everyone to take a coffee break together or planning an official social outing, instilling fun activities and controlled downtime can keep morale up, foster a tighter sense of teamwork, and give them the necessary mental break to essentially reset their motivation.

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    Empower Them to Make Decisions

    Being micromanaged can destroy the motivation of even your most ambitious top performers. If they lack autonomy, employees may feel like you don’t trust them, so why bother? It can feel pointless for them to put in effort knowing they have no ownership and are like cogs in a machine. Boost their motivation by empowering them to take ownership. Allow them to make decisions and be accountable for the results. Giving unmotivated employees more responsibility and backing away demonstrates that you trust their skills and value their contributions, so they’ll be more inclined to work harder since they’re doing it for themselves, not just following your orders.

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