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  • How to Slowly Start to Be More Vocal During Meetings if You Are Instinctively Introverted

    As a leading temp agency in New Jersey, Spectrum Staffing is a go-to resource for job seekers looking to get their careers on the right track. A common issue of concern for employees is how to best represent themselves in meetings. For those who are more introverted and less likely to naturally speak up, it can be even more difficult to push against their instincts. Check out these tips on how to slowly start to be more vocal during meetings as an introvert:

    Plan What to Say

    If impromptu public speaking at meetings is a challenge to you as an introvert, preparation is key. Plan what you want to say ahead of time, then practice delivering the specific wording until you feel comfortable. When the meeting time comes, you’ll have what you want to say ingrained in your mind, so you won’t be caught off-guard or draw a blank.

    Set a Specific Goal

    The introspective nature of being an introvert that makes you pay careful attention to detail and empathize with others can also backfire by making you overthink. Don’t get caught up at the meeting wondering when to speak up and how often – it’s not only distracting but can also make you flustered and anxious. Instead, set a specific goal for speaking up at a meeting, and then increase them as time goes on and you get more comfortable. For example, you could set a goal of participating in the small talk portion at the beginning or volunteering one new idea. 

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    Ask Thoughtful Questions

    Being introverted may mean you’re instinctively better at listening than speaking up. Make this work to your advantage at meetings by asking thoughtful questions, as a lower pressure manner of participating. This shows that you are listening and an involved participant, and reduces the risk of you getting interrupted or talked over by the more talkative extroverts in the meeting.

    Speak Up Early

    Meetings can quickly go off track in many ways, such as veering from the agenda or having the conversation taken over by a few individuals who don’t make it easy for others to interject. To establish the habit of talking more in meetings, focus on speaking up early on, before the opportunity becomes more difficult toward the end.

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