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  • Three Reasons to Pull Your Leadership Team Together to Evaluate Team Morale Before 2020

    As a leading provider of hiring support in New Jersey, Spectrum Staffing has the privilege of working with both employers and candidates and learning about their unique perspectives regarding the hiring process. When job seekers start looking for new employers, it’s often because they have become dissatisfied due to the negative morale in their current workplaces. 

    Three Reasons to Evaluate Team Morale Before 2020

    Increase Productivity

    Morale and productivity go hand-in-hand due to a very important aspect of motivation –  engagement. Employees who work in a place with positive morale, where they feel valued and that their work is appreciated, are more likely to be engaged at work. Engaged employees are internally motivated to succeed because they find it fulfilling to work hard for their employer. They experience a greater sense of purpose when they feel like they are truly an important part of a team of people who are counting on them, and their work contributes to a bigger picture. When people are able to connect their goals to a greater purpose, they find it easier to stay motivated and be productive. 

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    Improve Retention

    When you hire someone, ideally you want them to be committed since turnover is time-consuming and costly. By focusing on evaluating morale, your leadership team can improve retention and significantly impact the bottom line. A negative work environment takes its toll on your workers in general, but you’re at highest risk of losing your top performers since they are more likely to be in-demand and less inclined to remain complacent in a job that no longer serves them.

    Reduce Absenteeism

    Morale also affects your bottom line by influencing the health of your employees. Negative morale contributes to stress, which in turn increases the likelihood of physical and mental health problems. This results in higher absenteeism and higher healthcare costs associated with those stress-related conditions. Happy employees are also healthy employees, and healthy employees are better for business in the long run than overworked, burnout employees who are only able to perform at a mediocre level. 

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