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  • Struggling to Show Up to Work Motivated? A Simple Change in Your Morning Commute Might Give You the Spark You Need!

    Spectrum is one of the top job agencies in New Jersey, and works closely with job seekers to help them accomplish their professional objectives. Whether you want to pursue a new job or move up in your current place of employment, motivation plays a major role in being productive and making progress toward your workplace top priorities. If you’re struggling to show up to work motivated, check out these ideas change your morning commute and get the spark you need: 

    Listen to a Motivational Podcast or Audio Book

    Your morning sets the tone for your day, so proactively take steps to start on a positive note by listening to a motivational podcast or professional development audiobook during your commute. This will get you into a better mindset so that by the time you arrive at work, you’ll be invigorated and ready to put what you listened to into action. Consider what motivation issues you specifically struggle with, research to find audio materials that best fit your needs, compile a list, and then commit to listening to something each morning on the way to work to benefit your mornings and your career overall. 

    Squeeze in Some Movement

    Physical activity can help lower your stress, making it easier to be motivated at work than if you’re mentally and emotionally struggling. Try to leave earlier and give yourself some extra time so you can squeeze in some movement during your morning commute to start your workday on a calmer, less anxious note.  Park or get off at a spot that’s a bit farther away, so you can have a leisurely stroll into work, or if possible for your area, bike to work occasionally. Getting your blood pumping during your morning commute will also leave you more energized than frantically rushing to work, collapsing into your chair, and feeling exhausted first thing. 

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    Reflect on Your Intentions

    Part of the reason why you may be struggling to show up to work motivated is that you’re not taking ownership of your day and letting other people make their priorities more important than yours or simply being passive and working on tasks that keep you busy but don’t really make you productive. During your morning commute, such as when stuck in traffic or during your walk to the building, reflect on your intentions for your workday. What type of attitude do you want to have? What specific priorities do you want to focus on? Be as specific as possible and visualize the day you want to have. By the time you get to work, you’ll have a clearly defined idea so you can effectively navigate your To-Do list.

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