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  • Six Motivational Techniques for Managers

    When hiring managers turn to recruitment agencies in NJ like Spectrum Staffing, their goal is generally to utilize the expertise of our recruitment team to find the candidates who will be the best long-term assets to their organizations. Once you get top talent in the door, management styles can make or break their engagement and motivation. Unlock the potential of your employees with these six management motivational techniques.

    1. Relationships

    Disengaged workers often lack motivation because they do not feel valued by their managers. They see no purpose in going above and beyond for someone who doesn’t acknowledge their effort, so don’t bother. If you want to spark the motivation in your employees, focus on building relationships with them. Show interest in them, ask questions, listen to their concerns, and most importantly, recognize their work and let them know you appreciate it.

    2. Environment

    The environment in which your employees work can significantly impact their mindsets. It can be difficult to be motivated if they don’t have the tools they need to succeed, whether it’s a lack of office supplies, outdated software that constantly freezes, or simply bleak, impersonal surroundings. Look for areas in which you can improve the work environment, and your employees may find it easier to stay motivated. 

    3. Incentives

    When your employees are struggling to put in their all, turn to the age-old motivation strategy: incentives. Offering a monetary bonus, an extra day off, or a catered lunch can shake things up and get your team focused on a tangible reason to muster up their effort and get back on track. 

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    4. Growth

    Complacency may appear at face value to be the result of laziness, but it often stems from a place of futility. Your employees may lack motivation if they feel like they are stuck in a dead-end job with no potential for development. Reinvigorate the passion they had as new hires by providing opportunities for growth, like taking on new projects or training them to learn new skills. 

    5. Flexibility

    A low-cost, high-payoff way to motivate your employees is by offering them more flexibility with their schedules when possible. The few hours they may leave earlier or come in later may not be that noticeable to you, but could greatly improve their work-life balance and in turn, their appreciation and loyalty to you. They’ll likely be more motivated to go above and beyond as a way to show their appreciation and maintain the perk.

    6. Purpose

    The most effective form of motivation is internal. If you can cultivate a sense of purpose for your employees and the work they do, they may be more inclined to put forth more effort because they find it fulfilling on a personal level. Communicate how the work they do contributes to a bigger picture and the positive impact it makes, and your team will work harder because they want to, not because they have to. 

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