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  • Self-Reflection: Three Ways to Evaluate Your Management Style

    Spectrum Staffing has the privilege of offering professional services in NJ to employers across industries. Even if the fields of work are different, there tends to be a universal challenge of determining if the leadership approaches that are taken are effective at maximizing productivity, maintaining positive morale, and attracting and retaining top talent. The only way to grow as a manager is to assess your performance, just as you do for your employees – here are three ways to self-reflect and reevaluate your management style:

    Open Yourself Up to Feedback

    Since it can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to reflecting on your own tendencies, getting outside perspectives is key. Open yourself up to feedback from your employees. Ask them what they think of your management style, both what they like and what opportunities you may have for switching it up or improving. If you’re not intentionally asking for feedback, your employees may feel uncomfortable offering it unprompted. Review any feedback you receive to see if there are any common themes on which you should focus.

    Embrace Regular Introspection

    If you’re serious about reevaluating your management style, you must commit to making time for introspection. Treat it as a priority task and schedule a time to sit down and truly reflect on your current actions and their outcomes, the feedback you receive from your employees, and what goals you have for yourself as a manager. Ask yourself questions, such as: “What type of manager do I want to be? How close am I to achieve that or what do I need to do differently?” or “What situations am I at my best/worst?” Embracing regular introspection, whether answering to yourself in your head or actually journaling your responses, will allow you to learn about yourself, see if you’re on the right track, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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    Review Your Team’s Alignment with Company Mission and Core Values 

    Your company’s mission and core values should be the foundation of your management style and the work your team does. When employees have a clear idea of how their work plays into the bigger picture, it can motivate them by giving them a sense of purpose and the guidance to prioritize their tasks most effectively. To objectively gauge your current management style, review your team’s alignment with the company mission and core values: Are they aware of them and could they quickly define them? Do they use them to influence their decisions in the workplace? Assessing your team’s knowledge of and connection to what the company stands for can help you reevaluate your management style and determine if you need to make it more clear to them through your words and actions.

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