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  • Are You Expendable? Three Pitfalls to Avoid at Work

    Whatever your career goals are, whether looking for contract employment in NJ or trying to land a permanent job, making yourself indispensable is the key to success. Unfortunately, there is often a disconnect between how you view yourself at work versus how higher-ups see you. When it comes time to hand out raises/promotions (or make cuts to staffing), it’s crucial that your employer feels like your contributions have significant value. 

    Prevent inadvertently making yourself expendable – avoid these three pitfalls at work

    Regularly Performing the Bare Minimum

    You may think that just because you do your job and don’t slack off or talk back to your boss that your employment is secure. However, complacent workers aren’t seen as indispensable, especially compared to their counterparts who go above and beyond willingly. If you’re regularly performing only the bare minimum of your job duties, you are at risk of making yourself expendable. When you notice a workplace need you can fulfill, commit to taking action rather than ignoring it because it isn’t expressly in your job description.

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    Complaining Too Often

    Some workplace stress and frustration are expected occasionally, but if you gain a reputation for being negative, you may be making yourself expendable. Complaining too often can be draining to others and make it seem like you don’t really want to be there. Instead of venting about things that annoy you, use them as an opportunity to brainstorm solutions to the underlying issues. You’ll be seen as a team player who wants to improve things and make the company better and be more valued as an asset.

    Not Building Your Personal Brand

    A lack of negative behavior and quietly keeping your head down and doing good work may seem like it should be enough to not contribute to making yourself expendable, but staying out of the fray can actually hurt you. If it comes time for the company to make staffing decisions, those employees who are well-known are more likely to be seen as indispensable, at the cost of employees who fly under the radar. Avoid this pitfall by being intentional about building your personal brand. Decide how you want others to perceive you (i.e., as an expert in a specialist area, a critical thinker who solves problems, or a creative visionary), and highlight that through your actions (such as speaking up at meetings or giving presentations) so you become recognizable for that.

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