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  • Graduating this Spring? See Why a Recruiting Firm Could Be Your Key to Employment

    Spectrum Staffing offers a variety of job opportunities, including contract employment in NJ, for job seekers at all levels. If you’re a soon to be graduate, it can be a challenging time of transition, wondering how to go from the classroom to the “real world” of working. Landing that first job can seem a bit daunting, but you don’t have to go it alone – a staffing firm can be a powerful tool for your job search strategy. Learn more about how a staffing firm could be your key to employment after graduation.

    Saves Time

    Job searching is time-consuming, especially when it comes to looking for postings and filtering through them to separate the ones that aren’t the right fit (or are outdated or even scams). By working with a staffing firm, you will save time in your job search because they will have screened the opportunities thoroughly and only recommend you to the ones that are the best fit.

    More Opportunities

    Many employers work solely with staffing firms to fill their available positions. Since they are not posted to the general public, a staffing firm can be your way to gain access to unlisted opportunities that you would otherwise have never learned about, while also facing less competition.

    Gain Experience

    When you’re first entering the workplace after graduation, you may not have much relevant experience for your new profession. That age-old conundrum of not being able to get a job without experience, and not being able to get experience without a job, can be alleviated by working with a staffing firm. They can connect you with employers who have temporary positions, giving you an opportunity to gain experience to help you find your steady role.

    Meet Contacts

    During your time in school, you likely heard about the importance of networking and how knowing people is the key to landing a job. That prospect of finding professional contacts to connect with may sound daunting when you’re starting from scratch, but a staffing firm can help with networking. Beyond the recruiting specialist you interact with, taking on temporary employment expands the network of professional contacts you can meet in those workplaces. You never know who you may meet who could help you achieve your career goals!

    Get Expert Advice

    Perhaps best of all, working with a staffing firm could be your key to employment because you have access to experts who truly know what hiring managers are looking for in candidates. A recruiting specialist can provide you expert advice on how to make your resume, cover letter, and job interview as polished as possible.

    Are you looking for contract employment in NJ? Turn to Spectrum Staffing Services. Our team of professional recruiting specialists will work with you to learn about your qualifications, and match you with the opportunities that are the best fit for you. Learn more – search Spectrum’s current open positions.

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