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  • How Do You Know It’s Time To Change Your Job?

    As one of the leading recruitment agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing has the privilege of helping job seekers make transitions in their careers so they can move on from jobs that are holding them back or are simply the wrong fit. Are you wondering if it’s time for you to change your job? Check out these signs that it’s time to start job searching:

    You’re in a Bad Mood at Home

    It’s normal and understandable to have days at work where you’re frustrated or stressed. However, if it’s so bad that you’re bringing a bad mood home with you on a regular basis, that could mean that your job is negatively impacting your life and it’s time for a change.

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    You Dread Going to Work

    Sure, most people prefer their off time more than working and may feel a little bit of disappointment when the weekend is over. A sign that you need a new job is if you completely dread going to work on a consistent basis, as opposed to just being a little wistful at the idea of being home.

    It Doesn’t Challenge You

    Complacency is the silent killer of ambition. If you are able to perform your current job duties with absolutely no effort and are not learning any new skills or gaining more responsibility, that is indicative that you may have outgrown your current role and need to explore other possibilities if you want to advance professionally.

    You Keep Dropping the Ball

    Mistakes happen, especially when you’re new. If you’ve been at a job for an extended period of time and keep dropping the ball, it could be a sign that your job isn’t the right fit for your skill sets. It may be best to learn from the experience and move on to a role that better utilizes your strengths.

    Culture is Toxic

    Great pay, benefits, job title, or overall prestige of a company may not be worth it if the workplace culture is toxic. A toxic work environment exhibits characteristics such as lack of communication, unfair or illegal policies, or outright bullying from a colleague or superior. It may be tempting to stick it out, but it can negatively impact not only your mental health but keep you from developing the professional skills you need for long term career success and give you a skewed view of what is acceptable in the workplace.

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