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  • Why Are Listening Skills A Huge Deal For Managers?

    Spectrum Staffing offers a variety of professional services in NJ to help organizations run smoothly. Managers have such a significant influence on productivity and morale, so investing time to hone leadership skills can pay off greatly. One of the top underrated skills for managers is listening. The importance of communicating is well known, but the ability to listen, rather than talk, isn’t necessarily something most people think about, but it has many benefits. Learn more about why listening skills are so important for managers:

    Establishes More Trust From Employees

    There can be wariness from employees regarding those in leadership roles. However, by making it a point to be a better listener, your employees will see that you care about what they have to say, making them more likely to view you as trustworthy and not question your motives.

    Gain Valuable Insight

    As a manager, you are removed from the lower level day-to-day tasks that greatly contribute to the overall productivity of your workplace. Listening to your employees’ feedback gives you the opportunity to gain valuable insight to make improvements and ensure workflow runs as smoothly as possible.

    Encourages Innovation

    Inspiration strikes at the most random of times and from a variety of sources. By making it a priority to listen carefully in all situations, you may learn a tidbit of information that gives you new ideas and encourages creativity you can use to make your workplace more innovative.

    Improve Employee Performance

    When you deliver feedback to your employees, listening to their perspectives can help you get to the bottom of why performance issues are occurring. You will be better able to improve employee performance if you’re willing to hear their side of the story, because it may be something you can use your authority to fix, such as outdated software or other departments holding up processes.

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    Strengthens Your Authority

    It’s hard for employees to respect a manager who they can tell isn’t listening. If their manager can’t even take the time to focus on what others are saying, how knowledgeable could they really be? Being a good listener strengthens your authority and makes your team see you as a solid leader.

    Reduces Turnover

    The most likeable people you’ve met are probably great listeners and make you feel valued when you interact with them. The same applies to your staff – they will simply like working for you more if you are a good listener. And since managers tend to be a major factor when employees leave, investing in improving your listening skills can help improve morale and reduce turnover.

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