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  • Why Every Professional Should Consistently Update Their LinkedIn (Even if They Aren’t Currently Looking for a Job)

    Spectrum Staffing is among the top job placement agencies in New Jersey, and a major part of our mission is to serve as a resource for professionals to help get their careers going in the right direction. A common piece of advice for job seekers is to update their LinkedIn profile so they can network for job leads and make a positive impression on hiring managers who search them on LinkedIn as part of their evaluation process. But although LinkedIn is effective for when you’re actively looking for new opportunities, it’s also important even when you’re not – here’s why every professional should consistently update their LinkedIn (even if they aren’t currently looking for a job):

    You’ll Be More Likely to Track Accomplishments

    When it comes time for your annual performance review or if you’re in the running for a promotion, it can be difficult to remember all your accomplishments and time-consuming to find the metrics. By making it a point to regularly update your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be more likely to track your accomplishments and be prepared to refer to them whenever necessary.

    You’ll Build Your Personal Brand

    Establishing an online presence is the foundation of building your personal brand, or reputation. Whether you want to be known for having expertise in a particular area or simply demonstrate your personality and values to those who work in your company or industry, maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile can help you organically build your personal brand over time via your accomplishments, increase in responsibilities, posts, and even how you interact with others.

    You’ll Be Approachable to Hear About Relevant New Opportunities

    Even if you’re not looking for a job, would you potentially be intrigued if someone approached you with a new opportunity that paid more, had better workplace culture, or was otherwise a step up for you professionally? If so, updating your LinkedIn profile is crucial in being visible for relevant new opportunities and for your network contacts or recruiters to be able to contact you. 

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    You’ll Have One Less Thing to Do if You Do Decide to Job Search

    You may not be in a position where you want to look for another job currently, but that may not always be the case. Whenever your career goals change, or if something happens at your workplace that makes sure you want to move on, you’ll save yourself time by having one less thing to do in your job search if you’ve kept your LinkedIn updated.

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